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Random Thoughts

Posted on July 22, 2013 at 10:59 PM Comments comments (466)
.I was just sitting here thinking about how grateful I am that I get to work with people who want to change their lives. It motivates me to become a better person just so I can keep up! I also make it my business to continue learning my profession and learning more about this disease of addiction. I really enjoy learning all the science that is coming out now that we can do brain imaging. I am going to a training soon about how they can tell the difference in an addicted brain by imaging the blood flow. How cool is that?

Welcome to a new way of living

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 9:49 PM Comments comments (191)
Well, my first blog, how exciting. More for me than for you I am sure! What to write? First, welcome and thanks for looking. We are here to help and the sooner you do something about your problem the sooner your life will get better. I know, because I changed my life 18 years ago and it gets better all the time! The newest announcement is our affilitation with a sober living house in Altamonte Springs. We hope to help men coming out of treatment  (or in recovery who need a safe living enviornment) to learn how to start their new life in a controlled atmosphere of recovery, while encouraging them to work, go back to school, or even volunteer to give back to the community. Wish us luck in our new adventure and call 407-718-8850 if you feel this is something that might fit your needs.
Thanks for listening (or should I say reading)!
Jo-Anne Stone CAP, ICADC